Riders For Christ Motorcycle Ministry

Full Throttle for Jesus

A Ministry of Calvary Chapel Old Bridge, NJ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Riders For Christ Motorcycle Ministry? - Riders For Christ (RFCMM) is a motorcycle ministry where members ride their bikes and participate in events which put them in places where God can use them to minister & evangelize.

Is RFCMM affiliated with a church? - Yes. But it doesn't matter which Christian church you attend, you are welcome to join up.  We currently have members who attend many different churches including Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Assembly of God, Christian & Grace Churches. In addition, any local Christian church can sponsor a RFCMM chapter.

Why is it important that RFCMM be affiliated with a church? - Accountability!  Unlike other independent MC ministries, we firmly believe that every ministry of God should be conducted under the supervision of a local Christian church.  This way, if anything gets weird or out of hand, the church has the authority to correct us.  Biblically, the church is the God ordained vehicle used to correct Christians and the ministries we serve in.

How does RFCMM compete with other clubs for members? - Riders For Christ MM is not in “competition” with any other MC club, gang or ministry.  We do not act in a way to draw people out of other worthwhile activities, but rather supplement or support those activities. Some members belong to MMA, HOG, RAT, SCNOC, VOC as well as other MC ministries.  Of course how “involved” you choose to be should be kept in balance with your other priorities such as family & church. 

What is the RFCMM “method” for ministering to others? - RFCMM does not dictate how members should minister, that’s left between you & God depending on your calling, gifts & talents.  Some members pass out tracts, others are better one on one, some hang out at biker events and wait for a response, some just ride around with their colors and let God bring the prospects to them.  

How is leadership handled with RFCMM? - RFCMM has no presidents, no vice presidents, no lofty titles.  Each chapter has an elder, or group of elders, who takes care of things in their geographic area.  The National Administration oversees the business end of things and is available to help out the elders with any needs they have.  Each chapter is free to choose members in various positions to help out.  Chapters cover areas by either state, county or city.

How does RFCMM deal with members who backslide or go astray? - We trust the Holy Spirit to keep the membership in line.  If He can’t do it, then neither can we.  If a member is continuously grieving the Holy Spirit and sinning, we ask that they be honest with themselves and God by turning their patch in to their local elder.  The elder will hold on to it until they get their life straightened out again.  We do not conduct inquisitions into people’s lives and we do not judge or condemn others
Luke 6.  We also don’t threaten people or forcibly remove their colors.  God deals with all us sinners accordingly.

I ride a Kawayamazuki KYZ-500-SS Super duo-sport touring cruiser, can I still ride with RFCMM? - RFCMM strongly supports an individual’s freedom to ride whatever they want to.  No one should tell you what to ride.  Our members own everything from Japanese sport bikes, British iron, German touring bikes as well as Harley-Davidson cruisers.

How much are the annual dues? - RFCMM is a “free” ministry, there are no dues. The small amount of money needed for administration is raised through the sale of merchandise such as patches, T-shirts, stickers, hats and any other neat stuff we happen to run across.

How do I get a patch? - You first need to be a member in good standing, then just tell us what you want and we will send your stuff out when we get your money.  Simple.  However, if you are not a RFCMM member, we can’t sell you anything with the logo on it.  Non-members could wear it while being outside our scope of accountability and damage our reputation, so please don’t give all your secular friends RFCMM T-shirts as Christmas gifts, thank you.  For those who already sport another club or ministry back-patch, we also sell a smaller “arm” sized patch that can be put on a jacket sleeve or vest.

Why doesn't’t the RFCMM patch have a territorial rocker? - We do not “claim” territories.  This kind of behavior can and does antagonize outlaw biker clubs who also “lay claim” to the same territories.  By flying a rocker, they will see you as competition and that’s not the best way to open doors.  If other people want to “claim turf”, that’s fine - we just want to tell people about Jesus Christ.

Why does the RFCMM patch use so many different colors? - Again, to avoid antagonizing “outlaw clubs” which may claim a particular color scheme as “theirs”.

How does RFCMM interact with other MC ministries? - By supporting them.  Go riding with them, help them out during their events, pray with them.  We’re on the same side.

How do I become a member? - You must request an application from your local chapter elder or by contacting our headquarters.  You will have to answer a few questions and then your pastor will have to sign off on it for you.  We will be calling your pastor to verify.  Make sure you pray about it first, read the scriptures listed on the application and discuss it with your wife.  We do not have a “prospect” process, but we do want you to understand the seriousness & commitment involved.

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